Post Pregnancy Yoga

So, you’ve spent 9 months building a baby, safely delivered him/her and are now getting to grips with your new tiny human – you have a lot to think about, but in my experience one of the things that will occur to you is “good grief, where’s my body gone?!”

Unless you’re Jessica Ennis-Hill (frankly, the woman’s a goddess…) you may well be carrying some baby weight, your muscles will be still be reeling from the shock, and although you’d love to get a bit fitter you may not feel like leaping into action in the gym…. hmm, what to do….?


As I’ve said elsewhere, yoga is infinitely adaptable and can be used for toning, strength and flexibility and even as a cardio workout – covering all the bases to get you going again after a baby.

Now, there are two approaches to the actual practicing – one with the baby and one without.

If you choose to have your baby involved in a yoga session (rather than, say, asleep in the room) we can do a lovely “baby and bub” session that will give you something lovely to do with your little bundle, while still allowing you to get some exercise.

If you decide to leave the little one with your partner/mum/St Bernard we have a bit more flexibility in what we can do – from gentle “first steps back to fitness” to full on personal training sessions.

Feeling good in your skin IS about more than how you look – it’s about how you feel mentally too, and after giving birth it can take a while to start feeling like it’s *your* body again – getting back to exercise after having your baby is not only a great way to feel like yourself again, it has the added benefit of being physically and mentally rewarding …

I know what I’m talking about; I put on 3 stone when I was pregnant 🙂

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