Mel from Stockport:

dancingshivaLisa has completely changed my opinion about yoga.  Her sessions are not only a hard workout (which I never thought I would get from yoga) but a lot of fun.  She is committed to helping every single person improve and develop their yoga postures whilst teaching us the history of the art itself.  It’s clear from Lisa’s patience and attitude that her love of yoga is genuine, and regardless of skill/experience she makes everyone feel welcome and confortable in her sessions.

Tony from Urmston

Since participating in your yoga sessions I have noticed the following benefits:

  • I feel calmer and have a general sense of wellbeing immediately after the sessionswarrior1
  • I have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility, balance and upper body strength
  • I have not suffered with neck, back or hip pain since starting your yoga sessions (a regular problem before)
  • I can even touch my toes now!

I would gladly recommend Lisa as a yoga instructor – she fosters a relaxed, friendly environment, is positive, encouraging and motivating, appreciates feedback, is clear in her instruction, clearly knows what she is talking about and can demonstrate it, and above all makes the sessions fun.

Becky from Cheadle:


I would highly recommend Lisa as a trainer, not only because she is highly competent, both in terms of her knowledge and her own physical skills, but also because she has a genuine interest in fitness and helping people to reach their individual goals. I have been very impressed by the way she is able to take a class of aspiring Yogi’s of wildly different abilities and make sure everyone improves and enjoys the class.  The crucial thing that sets Lisa apart from other skinny fitness types is the way she creates a warm and welcoming environment where everyone regardless of body shape or ability can improve and benefit.

Grace from Congleton:

scorpionLisa is a fantastic and knowledgeable yoga teacher who manages to put you at ease, no matter what pose you are attempting. She gives clear instructions and is always on hand with advice and pose correction if required. If you struggle to achieve poses due to illness or injury she always has alternatives that can be tried to minimise pain. She clearly loves to teach ,and provides an open and welcoming environment where you can practice with confidence. Whether you are just beginning or are more advanced, her classes are varied and fun. I would highly recommend Lisa as a yoga teacher.

Cassandra from Bolton:

frogI find your yoga classes very enjoyable. At the beginning of each session you describe what your intended flow of the day will be and the reasons behind it, which I find makes me feel enthusiastic for the session. You tailor the pace for the people present, and encourage everyone to relax, enjoy and have a giggle (especially at the ridiculous). I feel very comfortable during your yoga sessions, having confidence to give anything a go and very energised afterwards. I value my yoga time, as I find it to be an important time for self-reflection. Thank you for opening up the experience of yoga to me.

Amanda from Manchester:


I I really look forward to Lisa’s lunchtime yoga session at work. I am stuck at a desk most of the day, so it is a great way to stretch myself out again and also relax. I am sure my mood and brain function improves after the session. Lisa is a fab teacher; she seems to be so natural and puts everyone at ease. Her sense of humour is great too. Every work place should have a Lisa!

Jackie from Bollington:

camel  I was a complete novice to yoga when I joined Lisa’s class. Her classes are welcoming and inclusive and I was able to see a steady improvement week on week (even though I didn’t practice as much at home as I should have!!) Lisa always gave clear answers to any questions in the class, and was always ready to make corrections to people’s positions in a light hearted friendly manner, ensuring people got the best out of the poses.  Lisa is careful to challenge people in the class and I would recommend her to beginners and advanced Yogis alike.

Charlene from Manchester:

handstand1I came to your yoga class yesterday for the first time (clumsy lady in a grey top tucked away in the far back corner) and I have to tell you that it was GREAT! I haven’t been to a class in over a year and was dreading it a bit, but your encouragement of people was really nice and I left feeling all zen. Just wanted to let you know.