About Yoga

P1020961Yoga is suitable for EVERYONE – it is infinitely adaptable and I’ve done sessions with wheelchair users, people with very specific physical issues and/or limited mobility, pregnant women, older men and women, sportspeople, etc….. 🙂

I practice “person-centred” yoga – meaning I use the many modern and traditional forms of yoga to make sessions especially tailored to you.

If you like a sweaty workout, we can practice Power Yoga and really get your heart rate up and body working hard; if you want strength, flexibility and suppleness, a Vinyasa flow might suit you better; and if you’ve got a bad back and achy muscles or just like to chill out, then we can try Restorative Yoga.  If you’re training for a particular sport, I can devise a plan to assist you in getting to your goals….

My years of experience mean that you can be sure of getting sessions exactly tailored to your particular requirements.

Whether you’re an advanced practitioner or have never tried Yoga before, give it a go, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve!

Yoga can help with:

  • back/neck problems
  • rehab from injury or illness
  • assist with weight-loss
  • cardio and fitness training
  • sports training
  • women heading into their 50’s in staving off osteoporosis etc.
  • people with difficulties sleeping and stress-related illnesses
  • pregnant women
  • anyone who is interested in their fitness and wellbeing

Have a look at some of my recent blogs where I discuss various aspects of yoga practice, or contact me if you’d like any more information – I love to chat about yoga!