More questions than answers…?

I always like to hear what people have to say about yoga – whether it’s about their own personal practice,  experiences they’ve had, things they like/dislike, or even why they don’t want to give yoga a try…

There are usually a couple of reasons for this last one:

1    “I’ve been to a yoga class but it was really intimidating…..”

    I’m always sad to hear this.  Yoga should be all about embracing every individual’s needs, abilities and goals, and if you feel left out, intimidated or condescended to, you may not even bother turning up for another session. As a beginner particularly, it can be incredibly difficult to get up the courage to put on skimpy or revealing gym clothes and walk into a room full of strangers, so if you’re even slightly interested, you should definitely give me a call and we can have 1:1 or small group sessions ☺

2    “What’s the difference between all the different styles of Yoga??

    Hatha.  Ashtanga. Iyengar.  Bikram.  Vinyasa.  What does it all MEAN?! If you’re thinking of trying Yoga and you fancy a really high-intensity, sweat-inducing workout, you’re going to be VERY disappointed if you turn up to a “restorative Yoga” class, and by the same token, if you want to stretch, relax, and chill out, you’re going to really hate a Bikram class – it’s a minefield!  Seriously, I’ve spoken to any number of people who’ve tried the “wrong” class for them and then never bothered again because they don’t know that there IS a type of Yoga that will suit them perfectly.  I have knowledge and experience of many different styles of Yoga and my preferred teaching style is to look at each individual and tailor a session just for them – we can take the most relevant parts of many types of practice and in that way, make sure you get everything you can from your Yoga practice.

3    “I went to a class but it seemed REALLY snobby!

    This is connected to my first point and I hear this LOT.  I think that sometimes people can get a bit carried away with their level of experience, or maybe they just want to share what they know or have learnt and that sometimes it can come across as a bit alienating – “oh yes, when I was studying Yoga in Indiaaaaaaaaa” or “Oh you should definitely try this move that I can do but you have no chance with as you’re a different shape to me and haven’t had my experience….”  or “have you seen how great I look in all my designer yoga gear with my special little yoga bag…” (Obviously I’m.. er…paraphrasing here….!)

    Standing on your head doesn’t make you a better yogi ☺

    If you’ve encountered this, don’t be put off – Yoga IS for you, you just haven’t found the right teacher/group.

4    “Yoga is mainly sitting around saying “om” and doing a bit of stretching…

    Oooh, these people REALLY need to come and do a power yoga session with me ☺ As I’vementioned elsewhere, yoga as a cardio exercise is great, and not only that, but you’re ALSO doing intense stretches, balances, dynamic and precise movements increasing flexibility, developing lean muscle…etc….as well as getting very hot and sweaty and out of breath!

    Of course there is a place under the yoga umbrella for slower or more contemplative practices, and if that’s more your sort of thing, that’s great, but don’t think you can’t do areally challenging “workout” with yoga – among my clients I have sportspeople, dancers and athletes who think of yoga as an important part of their fitness regime.

I like to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere in my sessions as I really do believe that every single person can benefit from Yoga in lots of ways – get in touch if you have any questions as I love to chat about Yoga ☺

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