Here We Go Again!

Here we go again – New Year, New You! New Year’s Resolutions!  Be better, fitter, thinner…

Well, we all know about this don’t we? The gym membership that lapses by the 4th February, the biscuits that fling themselves into our shopping baskets(!),  the wine that calls to us from the fridge etc… We all start with such good intentions and then feel bad when we don’t live up to our own ridiculous standards. Let’s face it, if we haven’t been to the gym all year, we’re not suddenly going to turn into Jessica Ennis-Hill by spring, (the woman’s a GODDESS, btw, I may have mentioned this before – she’s my girl-crush 🙂 )

This is all sounding a bit negative isn’t it??  Nah! Lets shine some sunlight on this cold and frosty end-of-the-year:  Do you know what?  Chill out.  Be kind to yourself.  Value what you are, rather than some idealised version of yourself.

Make some plans for change if that’s what you want, but make sure of these things first:

  • Start in a positive frame of mind – you’re more likely to succeed with a positive mindset than a negative one, and don’t let others derail your plans.
  • Prepare to succeed – if that means only shopping with a list and not walking past the bakery bit, fine! If it means telling your mates that you DON’T want another drink thanks, and not feeling bad about it, great! If it means investing in some bright purple spandex workout gear because it makes you feel funkaaaay, hurrah!  Whatever it is, put things in place to support your efforts, and tell the people around you that you want support.
  • …and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Don’t give up – you’re NOT a failure, and in the immortal words of Scarlet O’Hara “tomorrow is another day” …
  • Check out last year’s blog post on setting realistic,  measurable, and achievable goals (New Years Resolutions)

We’re all only human, so don’t lets start the New Year anxious about all the stuff we feel we should be doing/achieving. Instead, in the words of a Bard of our Times, take a minute to STOP!  Collaborate and LISTEN!  (What??  Wise words for the start of a new year, and as good a piece of advice as any… 🙂 )

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