I’m Judging You – yes really

Did you know that when you’re having a session with me, I’m judging your body?
Whaaaaaat??  Read on……!

Here’s what I’m judging your body on:
  • How your joints are moving – do I need to amend movements for you?
  • How you’re breathing – do I need to slow you down/speed you up/show you the correct breathing technique?
  • Whether what we’re doing is too hard/easy – do we need to step it up/slow it down?
  • Whether you’re getting benefit from what we’re doing and you’re enjoying it!

What I’m NOT judging your body on:

  • How you look in your workout clothes – I literally don’t care (as long as you’re like, wearing pants, and stuff… 🙂 )
  • The faces you pull when you’re putting the effort in – again, I love to see this!
  • The noises you make when you’re really working hard – did you know you get an imaginary gold star every time you grunt/whimper/squeak….?!
  • Your technique when you’re just learning to do stuff – that’s what I’m here for!

Here’s a true story.

I went to see a client once at short notice, so she could fit in a session on a day we didn’t usually meet.  This woman had a serious accident when younger, and had extensive scarring. On this particular day she hadn’t applied her usual camouflage make-up.  She was behaving a bit strangely during the session and it emerged that she felt very embarrassed about having her scars on show.  Here’s the thing – I GENUINELY HADN’T NOTICED!

Here’s another one: 90% of the time, new clients will say something along the lines of, “Oh you probably think I’m really clumsy/rubbish/slow.”  Nope.  What I’m usually thinking is, “Good effort! Keep going! Look at this person putting loads of oomph in – I’m really proud of them.”

The ONLY things I’m interested in when I’m looking at your body are, “Is this a safe thing for you to do?” and, “Will this get you where you want to be?” and, “Are we having fun?” Obvs!

So don’t be put off going to a class, going to the gym, seeing a trainer. We all started somewhere, we all have different goals, and we are all on our own journey to where we want to be.  Other people can judge us when THEY’RE perfect, and until then, we’ll wear our baggy trackies, with our hair plastered to our heads, and a smile on our sweaty beetroot faces 🙂

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