Remote Sessions

Regular clients know that I already do a lot of remote sessions – I have clients who work away, work shifts, or have moved out of the area and want to keep training with me.

During this time of Social Distancing, *all* my sessions are now being carried out remotely – and as you can see, they’re great fun! We can do almost everything that I would do in a face-to-face session (the only thing I havent been able to do is get my boxing clients working on the pads – but they’re still training….!)

I’m still providing Yoga and Pilates instruction, PT and Martial Arts/Boxing training, still giving my clients all the support they need, and still making sure that they work hard and get where they want to be…. 🙂

New clients still have a totally free and without obligation meeting with me before they sign up to anything (it’s just that we do it over the internet now!), and I’m always available for my clients if they need to chat.

Business as usual in this very unusual time!